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Find quality-made Nordic skiing, Orienteering Track and Field and Cycling clothing from Noname, through QualityNordic, based in Park City, Utah. We carry a great selection of essential pieces for your sporting needs. All of the products seen online here are samples not for sale (except for online store). Your ordered products will be made with your choice of colors and designs.


Contact us for more information about the different materials, styles, and colors Noname uses to create their one-of-a-kind apparel.

Noname outfit most of Nordic clubs in Scandinavia.

Noname outfit Park City Nordic Ski Club, Soldier Hollow, Alaska Winter Stars, Ontario Ski team, Thunder Bay.....

Noname outfit Orienteering National Teams USA, Norway, France, Italy

Noname outfit many Orienteering clubs in USA and Canada

Nordic Skiing

Noname offers a complete collection of Nordic skiing textiles. Our collection includes warm-up jackets and pants, 2 different racing suits, hats headband, headwear, midlayer and "award shirt".  For many pieces, we use digital printing techniques to create unique designs for club logos.


Noname offers a complete collection of orienteering textiles. Our collection includes several training and warm-up suits, four different racing shirts, and a huge selection of trousers and pants for every level of orienteering. For many pieces, we use digital printing techniques to create unique designs for club logos.

Learn about QualityNordic

QualityNordic is a Park City, Utah-based clothing distributor that sells Noname sport textiles for Nordic Skiing, Orienteering, Track and Field, and Cycling.

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and available for the lowest prices possible.

Shop online (no minimum) or contact us qualitynordic(at)gmail.com for custom made design for your team/club.

Only 10 minimum quantities. Easy process, great design!

These European-designed and made products are available to customers throughout the US and Canada.

Learn More About QualityNordic.

Quality, price, fit and design from Scandinavia available now in USA and Canada.